I was on residency in Italy for one month in April. I spent two months producing new work at SVFK (Danish Art Workshops) in May and June, and I received a residency stipend from The Danish Institute in Athens for December 15 and January 16.

My work revolves around themes like displacing, transfer, explorations with the images and their reaction to other images. The work is realised out of materials or situations that through simple actions are either scanned, photographed in studio or found on my travels, characterizing an artistic language based on an economy of means.




The removed optical focus and digital resolution is also used in my work to talk about texture, delineation, expansion/contraction and materiality. When I photograph on my travels or work outside of the studio, I look at sculptural situations that transcend function as well as in concepts of value and meaning.


I use for instance net fabric, coloured filtering or transparant materials as a way of demonstrating how I think about images as something to look at and look through at the same time. This thought embodies the way I think about images, bringing together space, surface, technology and materiality in ways that impose the definitions of subject and object as being in trade all the time.








Utilizing a combination of the camera, the scanner, testprints and collage methods to generate compositions, these multi-layered images are meant to reflect, rather than obscure, qualities of technical intervention and image making.






























Assembling the different methods is a way of showing how I work with images, and also a way testing if the images can stand on their own, or if they can be put together as parts of something larger and construct another kind of image in relation with each other.