I think a lot about how photographs are presented, and the correspondences between the images, as well as the awareness of the apparatus -that different methods talk about different things.

Photograms and scannings were produced in 2013 during a two-months residency at SVFK (Danish Art Workshops) Copenhagen. In a studio setting I also worked on my large format camera with the obsolete polaroid product T55 that produces a negative as well as a polaroid image. I chose to photograph reflective foil and thermal paper for the way they respond to light and heat. Steam from boiling water marked the thermal paper with a carbon-like infused drawing.

4x5" analogue photographs of thermal paper


















To have this conversation between material and medium, light and touch made me think about the photograph as document, and I wanted to go further by making the photographic material respond as well. The overdue chemicals in the polaroids is one visible reaction, being the black areas on the image.



Picking up analogue again came from wanting to change working pace and see differently. -In sculpture there’s a lot of talking and thinking about ‘touch’ often relating to a surface finish, material handling, process or mood sensitivity. I was thinking about how to introduce ‘touch’ into photography, and if there was a way of establishing the presence of the hand and make the photographs tactile for the viewer.